Crock Pot Corned Beef in a Hurry


This recipe is too late for your St. Patrick’s Day dinner, but maybe we’ll remember to re-post it next year. St. Patrick’s Day morning we had our corned beef and beer from Whole Foods, our cabbage from the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, and potatoes, carrots and onions from previous ventures. What we didn’t have was a recipe. We knew we didn’t want to simply boil the cabbage. We love corned beef, but boiled cabbage is pretty awful. I Googled “corned beef crock pot recipe” and found this one from I followed the recipe word for word, but I ended up having to speed it up in the oven due to a late start (Lolo just wanted to be held all morning!)



  • Corned beef brisket
  • Cabbage
  • Potatoes
  • Onions
  • Carrots
  • Bay leaf
  • Pint of Boddingtons (or beer of your choice)


Prep your ingredients.  Should be self explanatory from the photo below.


Add all ingredients to the crock pot except the cabbage and beer. Next is the hardest part of this entire recipe. Poor the pint of Boddingtons into your crock pot (I took a swig then poured the rest out slowly and deliberately for my homies). Place your lid on then look at the clock. If it’s 9:00 AM congratulations! Set your crock pot to low and cook everything for about 6 hours before adding your cabbage and cooking another 3 hours.

If it’s 1:00 PM and you are planning on serving at 6:00 PM, then set your crock pot to high, pray, and check it at 4:00 PM. You may find you have to transfer the crock pot to a 350° oven at 4:00 PM. At around 5:00 PM, add your cabbage and you’ll be good by 6:00 PM (you may be a bit nervous, but that’s what the other Boddingtons are for).

By 8:00 PM you have finished a great meal with friends, everyone is happy and if you were born in December 2012 and this is your first St. Patrick’s Day ever, then you are ecstatic! We would love to read about your favorite St. Patrick’s Day recipes!

Lolo’s Dad


Local Ingredients Used

Capay Organic Carrots – Capay


2 thoughts on “Crock Pot Corned Beef in a Hurry

  1. Will have to try this for next year. I just bought a crock pot and now I am obsessed with making slow cooker recipes. Have you visited the capay farm? I would love to visit the farm when I go up north to visit family.

    • Crock pots are great. It’s a quick an easy way to setup a meal, set it to low, leave for work and come home with dinner ready. I haven’t visited the Capay farm yet. I’ve reached out to them to see if we can visit this Saturday since we will be near by. Hoping to hear back from them (just tried calling again).

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