Featured Foodie Friday: Humble Roots CSA

Today we are featuring Daniel Gannon from Humble Roots CSA in West Sacramento. We are re-posting an interview from a fellow Sacramento blogger, Stacy G., that she conducted with Dan in 2011. We particularly enjoyed his advice about how the average citizen can get involved in food production. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Q: What is the best way for an average person to become actively involved in the food production process?

A: First is to grow your own food. Grow a little or a lot. I’d be happy to be put out of business because every neighborhood had adequate space for a community garden and neighbors took care of each other. I don’t think this is impossible. But most likely there will always be a need for farmers.

Second is to know your farmer. CSA systems probably provide the best opportunity to support particular principles or personalities. Going to Farmer’s Markets is a good choice too. The hardest part is identifying that your everyday food choices have an effect on our ability to live comfortably on Earth. So please, for the love of your fellow man, make well-informed decisions, whatever the particulars turn out to be. Choose food grown in ways that you consider responsible. Then, having made your choice, a choice you can be proud of, share it with everyone you know. Share the joy of a meal around the kitchen table. Talk about the weather, and how it imparted a unique characteristic to your meal. Pay attention to the seasons, and participate in the experience of connecting to the Earth and the people around you through the food you eat.

To summarize:

Step 1: Grow Your Own Food
Step 2: Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
Step 3: Buy from Farmers’ Markets
Step 4: Enjoy your food together with your friends and family

We think this is great advice. You can see the rest of the interview at Stacy’s blog, In Search of the Finer Things. Watch the YouTube video above for a tour of Humble Roots half acre farm given by Dan’s very cute daughter.

If you are interested in learning more about  Humble Roots Farms, check out their Facebook page for more information.


3 thoughts on “Featured Foodie Friday: Humble Roots CSA

  1. That little girl is too cute! I wish I’d been that interested in my dad’s garden when I was her age. And I love Dan’s advice about knowing your farmer and making choices you are proud of when it comes to food. So important. Thanks for sharing!

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