Brown Bag Monday: Growing Your Own Groceries

Lolo’s mom shared the above video with me and now I’m convinced, I want to be a gangster gardener. The video is around 11 minutes long and well worth the watch.

No one has accused me of having a green thumb before, but I have kept our house plants (OK the majority of them) alive for several years now. I also built a raised garden bed at our old house and had a successful vegetable garden for one summer. I think it is time to build another one!


“Growing your own food is like printing your own money.” What a great quote. I also loved, “if kids grow kale, they eat kale.” I want Lolo to eat a lot of kale; after she’s done with her milk fetish. My mom always included us in her gardening and cooking when we were little. I might not have picked up as much of it as she hoped, but I do have fond memories of those experiences and I’d like Lolo to have something similar with her Mom and Dad.

I am starting to get a vision for what I’d like some of those experiences to look like. I want our family to explore more sustainable living by trying to grow some of our own food. For starters, this weekend we went from a window box where we dry our pots and pans to a mini indoor herb garden – germination T minus 10 days!


Are you a gangster gardener? Share your stories with us of how you grow your own food. We would love to see pictures!

Lolo’s Dad


11 thoughts on “Brown Bag Monday: Growing Your Own Groceries

  1. I love the idea of growing your own groceries! I, personally, am a horrible gardener. Fortunately, my boyfriend rocks at it. He has been putting in gardens at his parents house for the past couple years. We have always said once we move out, we will be putting in a large garden. I love the idea of just walking outside for your dinner or lunch ingredients.

    • We hope to one day be able to grab ingredients for dinner from our yard too. I don’t know how gangster an indoor herb garden is, but it’s a start. And the raised bed planning has already begun.

  2. This is gas, I had never heard of guerrilla gardening before until I heard a piece about it a couple of days ago on French radio, and now here’s your post! 🙂
    I would like to grow my own veg but it’s not feasible at the moment, we have a garden but with the dry climate, we would have to water them A LOT, and water charges are quite expensive in this city. So the dream is that one day we will live in the country and have water storage facilities so we can have a nice garden! 🙂

    • How cool that they just covered this subject in France too! I know what you mean about the watering. It’s not exactly free to grow your own food. We didn’t have a drip system before and keeping our single garden bed watered with a sprinkler got to be pretty pricey in the really hot summer months.
      Garden plot 2.0 will be drip though. The project is in progress and I’ll post on it in the future. Hope you get your dream one day 🙂

  3. If you need two helpers to plant your garden in a day, be sure to call the people who are always there for you. Hopefully, it won’t be dead by the next visit 😉

    After reading this post it reminded me of an organization I worked with in Thailand called NEED Farm. This organization teaches Burmese youth sustainable agriculture techniques. After extensive hands-on course-work on the farm in Thailand these youth then take what they have learned back to their villages in Burma. Each student plants the seed, and begins to build and spread their knowledge on sustainability. This program has not only impacted sustainable agriculture on a micro level in Burma, but is ultimately growing to economic sustainability on a macro level.

    Here is a link to some of the activities that the students do on the farm:

    Maybe sustainable agriculture will stand on a global level one day.

    • Hey, those were annuals they would have died anyway 😉 We’ll certainly take help in the garden when you’re back! Getting the irrigation installed now.

      Thanks so much for sharing information on the group you worked with in Thailand. I checked out their page and the info looks great. I’ll have to give a donation soon. I certainly hope sustainable agriculture will make it to the global level one day.

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