We are a family that loves where we live and loves to eat. As much as we can, we try to buy and make local, organic products.  Living in Placer County, we have this incredible opportunity to interact with purveyors who are providing sustainable, artisan products and we want to highlight these food entrepreneurs through our interactions with them as a family.

The birth of our daughter Lolo has only reaffirmed our commitment to eat a diet that will maximize our health while maintaining the environment. We want to pass on to her both good nutrition and a bio diverse world that she and her future family can enjoy.

Our vision is to explore the local markets, farms and restaurants as a family.  We will share our trips with you the readers of our blog.  In doing so we will also share the stories of some of the local food entrepreneurs that we meet.  Folks we see that are part of the local, seasonal, sustainable food market.

Since incredible fresh ingredients like these are ultimately for making delicious meals, we intend to share some of our cooking with you, and hope you share some of your favorite local recipes with us as well.  We may try some of our favorite reader recipes and share our experiences with them.

Hope you enjoy our blog!

Lolo’s Mom and Dad,



16 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for liking my post! I thought you were local when I saw your post about the farmer’s market. We have a Foothills Farmer’s Market here in Shelby, NC! Hi to Lolo!!!

  2. Nice blog. Thank You for visiting my blog. I think that it is wonderful how you are with your little one. I have raised three vegan straight edge children. They are young adults now my sons race bicycles and my daughter travels with my eldest boys team as the massage therapist, In other words, you are doing a service to future generations by teaching.

  3. Go Sacto! The coupla times I’ve been to my former state’s capital, I remember how lovely folks were (and I had a few good meals there as well!) Thanks for sharing your saga with everyone & very best wishes with your little one!!!

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