California’s Largest Farmers’ Market


We headed down to Sacramento late Sunday morning to go to California’s largest Farmers’ Market. We strolled around the pretty lake in the park where children were happily playing with their parents and young people were enjoying the spring sun. What a picturesque backdrop for a Farmers’ Market, right?

But that’s not where they hold the Farmers’ Market. See the freeway in the top left corner of the photo? Here’s a close up.


That’s where they hold the Farmers’ Market. Its under HWY 50. You know you are an O.G. Farmers’ Market when you ask people to spend their Sunday mornings UNDER THE FREEWAY.


Sacramento’s Sunday Farmers Market is year round and has over 100 farmers who are restricted to selling items which they produce. This is such a cool market, I have considered taking out of town friends sight seeing here. They have a large variety of products other than seasonal fruits and vegetables. Among others, you can buy flowers, cheese, olive oil, and bread.

We arrived just as the vendors were packing up, but we did manage to get some of the first artichokes of the season, some lemons (4 for a $1.00!) and some of the last kiwis of the season. We also scored some very sweet pomelos.  Here is our bounty from the weekend.


Lolo’s Mom


4 thoughts on “California’s Largest Farmers’ Market

  1. I didn’t know that was the largest farmer’s market in CA! Wow. I love how you tote your baby around to all these great places. I’m due in a few months and hope to do likewise!

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