Basil and Cilantro Update


It’s been just over ten days since I planted the basil and cilantro in our new pursuit to become gangster gardeners. The projected germination time for both herbs is 10 days. From the photo above you can see our progress; you’ll also notice a few sand dollars and a mussel shell from Lolo’s first trip to the beach!

I planted approximately 6 to 8 seeds for each herb. Five basil seeds sprouted, but only one cilantro sprouted (well technically two but they were both from the same spot; I must have accidentally dropped in two seeds). I think five sprouts for the basil is a pretty good turn out, but I’m wondering what happened to the cilantro.

I don’t think it was the planting depth. I guesstimated for all the seeds, and both the basil and cilantro are supposed to be planted at 1/4″. It seems unlikely that there was that much variance in the depth.


I thought there might be a drastic difference in watering preference, but I did some research and they both seem to like a constantly moist soil, which they’ve both had. So I’m stumped. Bad seeds? Anyone know what is the likely culprit?

Meanwhile, I started seedlings for the various fruits and vegetables we plan to plant outdoors.  You can can see them in the middle photo. I’m hoping to transfer these into my new raised garden bed in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned for a how to build your own raised garden post. I completed my first garden bed tonight. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for my plants to reach transplant size!

Lolo’s Dad



3 thoughts on “Basil and Cilantro Update

  1. Love this! I have a few packets of organic seeds (basil-dark opal purple, swiss chard, radish, and pepper-jalapeno early) that I need to get a move on. They’ve been sitting on my kitchen table for the last couple of weeks. I’m not a gardener and so far, all my herbs that I’ve brought home from the store, lives on my kitchen windowsill and dies a slow death. *sigh*

    • I’m a little worried I started too late on my seedlings. We’ll see how mature they can get in the next two weeks. I may be going back to the nursery to get some established plants.

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