Grass-Fed Beef

Pacific Pastures grassfed beef

Recently our gym, CrossFit Genesis in Roseville, put together a bulk ground beef order from Pacific Pastures. As you already know from our other posts Lolo’s parents are not vegetarians. While local organic fruits and vegetables can be found pretty reliably, we find that sustainable, humanely raised meat products like this grass-fed beef is hard to come by. We wish it was not this way.

Pacific Pastures beef is 100% grass-fed for the duration of the animal’s life, and all of their beef is raised in Northern California. We decided to purchase 10 lbs at $5.99 a pound and we will be sharing some of the recipes we make using this ground beef in the future. In the meantime check out this short video featuring Pacific Pastures CEO discussing his ranch and his commitment to sustainable ranching.

Lolo’s Mom


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