Pottery World Cafe


This morning we met up with friends of ours at the cafe in Pottery World in Rocklin for brunch. This was Lolo’s and our first time there. As you can see from the pictures the early afternoon weather was spectacular today so we requested an outside seat. Mom ordered their Eggs Benedict; which I am a sucker for, while I broke with tradition and ordered their three egg omelette. Their omelette’s come with a variety of options and I added cheddar cheese, mushrooms, avocado and sausage to mine. Our meals were tasty and we enjoyed a relaxing  dinning experience while we caught up with our friends, sipped our coffee and tea, and listened to the fountains in the background.


After breakfast we explored the huge variety of fountains and pots they exhibit in their outdoor display area. We have nearly purchased a clay vase fountain in the past, but today we both agreed that the variety of fountains we saw at Pottery World made us glad we had waited. While we did not pick up a fountain today, I can see us doing so soon. Lolo was also more interested in the fountains than in any of the picture taking we did!


In addition to their outside display area, Pottery World also has a large indoor space filled with all kinds of interior decoration items; from eclectic beds and couches to these wonderful little bunnies and everything in between.


To further make our (or at least dad’s) afternoon complete, we ran into a free wine tasting event hosted by Besemer Cellars and owners Tom and Kristi. In chatting with Tom I found out that Besemer Cellars is located in Grass Valley and has been bonded for three years. I tried their Chardonnay and Cabernet. While I found both wines tasty I especially liked their Chardonnay. Other guests near their table were discussing how much they liked both their Viognier and their Sauvignon Blanc. I will have to try these next time!

Lolo’s Dad



4 thoughts on “Pottery World Cafe

    • Hi Jeff, thanks for your comment. I had no idea about the cafe until that morning. I think you would like it. If you check it out, please let us know what you think.

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