New Farm Online Foodstand and DigIn!

Remember Dan from Humble Roots CSA? Check out the new project he helped create with other local Sacramento farmers called the “New Farm Online Foodstand“. Every Monday at noon the farmers in this group post their produce, meat or other goods that is ready and fresh that day. You have until Tuesday at noon to select the items you wish to purchase for that week. Then on Thursday you go and pick up your order from one of their three locations in Sacramento or West Sacramento!

Last night I purchased 2 loin chops, boysenberries, and a dozen eggs. I’m excited to pick them up this Thursday, maybe I’ll even get a chance to say ‘hi’ to Dan!

In other local happenings, check out the first DigIn! Dinner at the West Sacramento Farmers Market. Local chefs are going to join local celebrities (I almost put that in quotes) to host 100 guests to dinners made from local ingredients procured right from the Farmers Market. This is apparently going to recur the first Thursday of every month. Tickets run 40 dollars and they help fund local non-profits. The first dinner is this Thursday, June 6th. Hopefully there are still tickets left if you are interested.

Lolo’s Dad