Foraging Class from Slow Foods Sacramento

If you are interested in learning how to supplement your diet by foraging for edible plants throughout our local region, then you may be interested in this upcoming event from Slow Foods Sacramento. Heather Pier will spend the morning of Friday July 12th with 15 individuals showing the tricks of the trade. Tickets are limited and only $16 so sign up early. Says Heather “We believe humans can SUPPLEMENT their diet with some wild foraged foods – but should never be greedy since wild foods are first and foremost for the critters and wildlife – we simply nibble a bit and sustainably harvest wild foods in our local terroir.” You can register here.

Also last weekend was the Placer County fair, did anyone attend?


Sacramento Slow Food Film Festival — Whats On Your Plate?


The Sacramento Slow Food Film Festival took place this weekend at the Guild Theater in Sacramento. We weren’t able to attend (not Lolo’s thing) but we watched the trailers of some of the films and Whats on your Plate? resonated with us. Two middle school girls explore their food system in NYC to better understand how their food got to their plate. Take a peak! Anyone out there make it to the Film Festival, if so, what did you think?

Lolo’s Mom