Foraging Class from Slow Foods Sacramento

If you are interested in learning how to supplement your diet by foraging for edible plants throughout our local region, then you may be interested in this upcoming event from Slow Foods Sacramento. Heather Pier will spend the morning of Friday July 12th with 15 individuals showing the tricks of the trade. Tickets are limited and only $16 so sign up early. Says Heather “We believe humans can SUPPLEMENT their diet with some wild foraged foods – but should never be greedy since wild foods are first and foremost for the critters and wildlife – we simply nibble a bit and sustainably harvest wild foods in our local terroir.” You can register here.

Also last weekend was the Placer County fair, did anyone attend?


6 thoughts on “Foraging Class from Slow Foods Sacramento

  1. What a great idea! In our family in France we do quite a bit of foraging, in the spring it’s for wild salads, leeks and asparagus, and in the autumn for mushrooms and chestnuts (to make yummy chestnut jam!). It’s really opened my eyes to all the delicious things you can find in the wild.

    • Cool! Reading “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” made me want to learn to recognize asparagus in the wild. I guess it is prevalent but only looks like “asparagus” one day a year. Mushroom hunting would be a lot of fun with experts. Interesting you mentioned jam, I made some jam the other day and I’m posting about it tomorrow 🙂

      • Once you know what asparagus looks like outside of it’s short eatable window, it’s very easy to spot, then you keep a note of the place for next year! I do the same for wild lettuce – it’s quite difficult to spot when it’s edible because it’s low to the ground. But later on it produces lovely high flowers, so it’s easy.
        Wrt mushrooms, we only collect a few species that we are really sure of. And I would never collect them on my own, I’m not confident enough! Over here, pharmacists are supposed to be able to identify them for you.

      • That’s the strategy I’ve read for asparagus too. So I Google searched asparagus plant images awhile ago. I’m no good at spotting it though. I think I’ll have to be shown once.

      • And French pharmacists sound cool. I should pick some mushrooms and drop them off at CVS, I think they’d give me crazy pills 😉

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