Is Sugar Toxic?

Thanks to the comments my readers left after this Monday’s post I learned a lot more about sugar and would highly recommend you do the same. The NY Times article above is pretty long, but I found it extremely interesting. Regardless it’s definitely worth your time. So do yourself a favor and make a cup of black coffee tomorrow morning and read the article above. After you finish reading you can always add sugar back if you aren’t worried.


5 thoughts on “Is Sugar Toxic?

  1. I gave up sugar in my tea for Lent when I was about 15 (lots of young people in school in Ireland are encouraged to give up something for the time before easter, such as chocolate or crisps etc, at our mostly religious schools) – I used to put 3 spoons in a cup. After the 6 weeks of lent, I couldn’t stomach a grain of sugar in my tea, and I still can. It’s hard for the first week but then it’s easy. Worth trying!

  2. This article was a game changer for me and sugar. It’s toxicity and addictive nature should be enough to scare anyone away from the stuff! The sad thing is that most people don’t even realize how much sugar they consume. If it comes in a package, it most likely contains added sugars.

  3. Thanks for the important reminder! I avoid sugar but sometimes get sucked back in… It’s so addictive! I have been working hard not to eat it at all since January and have noticed a huge improvement in my immune system with the kids at school. When I binge, I get sick. There are also some great documentaries on Netflix that deal with similar ideas as the article above, (skimmed the article, but maybe they’re mentioned?). 😀

  4. Prior to my pregnancy I was using regular white sugar for my coffee and I couldn’t quit, but I had gestational diabetes and so was forced to go cold turkey which was probably the best thing. I haven’t used white sugar in my coffee in almost 2 yrs and haven’t looked back. Thinkin back I really haven’t had a lot of white sugar since my son was born. No good can come from consuming sugar (except fructose ). Thanks for the post!!

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