Florida and Other Stuff

Tomorrow Lolo goes on her first jet plane. We are flying to Florida for my sister-in-law’s college graduation. It seems like just the other day that I was at her high school graduation party. We are very happy for her and excited to celebrate with her again; meanwhile I’ll do my best to try and not think about how this makes me feel old!

As usual before a trip I’m a little worried about our dogs and cats, but now I have an additional worry – my vegetable garden. It’s on drip and can be automated, but I’ve been manually watering it because our main valve leaks ever so slightly. I meant to fix it but didn’t get to it in time. I hope I don’t come home to plants that died because they were over or under watered for 4 days!

My wife returned to work last week (one of the reasons for her absence on posts), which has definitely been bittersweet. She returned to a promotion, giving her a challenge that helps make the hardship of leaving Lolo behind easier, but now we both feel like we don’t see enough of our daughter during the week. We spend time with her in the mornings, then I head into the office so that I leave our home office to my wife. At 8 am our nanny comes over and takes care of Lolo (except feedings which mom still gives) until 4 pm. Lolo falls asleep for the night around 6:30 or 7 so we basically get only 3 hours a day of awake time with her 😦

The past month we’ve visited two farms. Salle Orchards in Wheatland and Tony’s Fruitstand in Marysville. We promise to have Featured Foodie Fridays posts soon of both of these great farms, but still need a bit more time to consolidate our notes and write about our trips.

Meanwhile my chiropractor Dr. Hoffart shared this article that a former research scientist for Agriculture Canada, Thierry Vrain, is said to have written. I can be a little skeptical, even more so if I’m putting something out for all of you, so I did a little digging. I went to Agriculture Canada searched for Thierry Vrain. I got several hits on his name as a contributing author to research publications. Then I found that the article above looks like it actually went viral from a letter to the editor he wrote in response to this Vancouver Sun article. So now you have both sides of the argument.

After reading Theirry’s letter to the editor and the Vancouver Sun Article that was written by Lorne Hepworth – President of CropLife Canada, I think I’m going with Thierry. Unfortunately this means that the following:

There are no long term feeding studies performed in these countries to demonstrate the claims that engineered corn and soya are safe. All we have are scientific studies out of Europe and Russia, showing that rats fed engineered food die prematurely.

These studies show that proteins produced by engineered plants are different than what they should be. Inserting a gene in a genome using this technology can and does result in damaged proteins. The scientific literature is full of studies showing that engineered corn and soya contain toxic or allergenic proteins.

would be true, so be careful what you eat.

To lighten things up a bit, check out this beer from Ruhstaller I found at Nugget tonight. It is brewed in Rancho Cordova and they contract with local hop and barley farmer’s throughout California. To top all that off they’ve been doing this since 1881!  How have I never heard of them before? Farm to pint, love it!


Lolo’s Dad


6 thoughts on “Florida and Other Stuff

  1. Love the farm-to-pint beer! And thanks for sharing those articles. Very interesting stuff. I particularly like his closing analogy about no one dying from one pack of cigarettes. People don’t realize that these toxins accumulate over time. You may not be sick now, but that’s all the more reason to make big changes before something does happen.

    • I really want to read these studies out of Europe and Russia now. It’s amazing how quickly we approve food products and new drugs without any long term studies.

  2. It was fun meeting Lolo last week at work! She’s so sweet, and very observant. …And we love that beer! We picked it up from Nugget on Friday too for our camping trip this weekend. 🙂

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