Ella Restaurant & Ingredients Documentary

It is no secret that chefs have had a huge impact on the emergence of a local food culture in America. We watched the Ingredients Documentary this weekend and it made us appreciate some of the great farm-to-fork restaurantuers we have in Sacramento. Take a look at the trailer at the YouTube link above. Our favorite quote from the film, “You shouldn’t be buying garlic shipped in hulls of ships from thousands of miles away between sex toys and flip flops.”

In October last year, Sacramento’s Mayor Kevin Johnson named Sacramento “America’s Farm to Fork Capital.” One such restaurant group that makes up Sacramento’s farm to fork restaurant scene is The Selland Family Restaurants. They run The Kitchen, Selland’s Market Cafe, and Ella. We went to Ella to celebrate my birthday this year. It was also our first date night without the baby since she joined our family. It only took us four months!

photo (2)

One of the cool things Ella features on their website is a list of the farms where they procure their ingredients along with a map so you can see how local these farms really are. Check it out at the link here. You think a group of restaurants that has been working with these farmers for over twenty years has had a palpable impact on the region commitment to sustainably raised products? You bet!

Here are some of the plates we ordered at Ella. For appetizers we shared the bone marrow with shallots, herbs, capers, honey and toast and the Pt Reyes Toma Cheese with fava and pea tendrils, spring onion, macademia, and lemon.

photo (4)

Next we both ordered the asparagus soup. One of the topics discussed in the Ingredients Documentary is how restaurants often use local products that inspire patrons to go home and try to use them in their own cooking. This happened with us and the asparagus soup. We will post our recipe next week to show you our home cook attempt to use the asparagus that is now in season.

Lolo’s Dad had the roasted pork chop (unfortunately the pork was from Iowa, but still tasty) with spring vegetables and barley for his entree and I had the parpardelle with poached egg. We finished it off with a vanilla bean pavlova and a sticky toffee pudding. Happy Birthday to me!


Lolo’s Mom


6 thoughts on “Ella Restaurant & Ingredients Documentary

  1. I love food documentaries! They help me to stay on course in making meals and buying fresh and local ingredients. I’ll have to add this one to my list. I love Ella too! I haven’t been in over a year, far too long. When I was pregnant I appreciated their non-alcoholic cocktails!

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