The Freezer at Elliot’s


There is a little known freezer in the back right corner of Elliot’s Natural Foods in Rocklin. We first discovered this mini frozen mystery through word of mouth at CrossFit Genesis.

The products at Elliot’s include protein powders, bread, oatmeal, snack mixes, and herbal  pills. There is nothing wrong with any of these things, but they are not exactly what we are after. What we come for is their grass-fed beef.

When we used to go regularly they were carrying product from Wolf Pack Meats; a meat processing plant run by the University of Nevada Reno Department of Agriculture. A few weekends ago we went back for the first time in over a year. I was wondering if the freezer would still be there, and if they were still offering local grass-fed beef.

When we arrived, their grass-fed meat sign was still up so I headed to that old familiar spot in the back of their store. There was our little freezer and the beef, but this time the package was from Lucky Dog Ranch. Turns out Lucky Dog Ranch is right in Dixon, California; so one of our local grass-fed beef sources just got 63 miles closer to home!


In Elliot’s you will find a few different cuts of beef, ground beef, and a couple other types of naturally raised meat. We decided to go with this large top sirloin steak above. I am thinking I may have to follow one of the recipes off Patrons of the Pit to do it justice.

Elliot’s also has local farm fresh eggs and raw milk from Organic Pastures in Fresno – which we decided to try. Anybody else have luck finding natural grass-fed beef off the beaten track?

By the way how great does mom look? I am not sure what Lolo found so fascinating on the ground when I was taking the picture, but I find almost everything she does pretty darn cute anyway. I am truly very lucky.

Happy Easter,

Lolo’s Dad



4 thoughts on “The Freezer at Elliot’s

    • Hey, cool, I had no idea that Roxy and Lucky Dog Ranch were run by the same folks! We haven’t been to Roxy before, but their site looks great so we’ll definitely check them out. I should have mentioned the Elliot’s we went to is the one on Blue Oak’s in Rocklin, but I’m sure the other two locations would carry the same products.

  1. Although it’s probably not local, Trader Joe’s offers frozen, grass-fed, ground beef. $5.99/lb. Thanks for the reminder about Elliots!

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