Sustainable Seafood at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op


All Things Considered recently aired a piece on the problems with the supply of certified sustainable seafood. More and more Americans care about where their seafood is coming from and whether these fish populations will be able to survive for future generations to enjoy. To meet this demand, major distributors, like WalMart, are seeking out certified sustainable fish to provide to their customers. However, there are not enough fishing operations that are sustainable to meet this growing demand.


We have a bright spot in our region though when it comes to purchasing sustainable seafood. The Sacramento Natural Food Co-op has been ranked by Greenpeace as one of the best places to buy seafood in California and the country. You can read the Sacramento Natural Food Co-op’s Greenpeace review in this pdf. Next time you are in midtown, stop by their Alhambra Street store and stock up on some delicious truly sustainable seafood!

Lolo’s Mom


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