Foothill Farmers’ Market

Dad and Lolo

Yesterday morning was Lolo’s first Farmers Market adventure. Lolo is 11 weeks old today.  Auburn has a year round Farmers’ Market on Saturday’s from 8 AM to 12:00 PM, which is a quick drive up Interstate 80 from our home in Rocklin.  The market is part of the Foothill Farmers’ Market Association, which runs several other markets in  Placer County.

Broccoli from Salle Orchards

Their winter market set up was two rows of vendors selling mostly green winter vegetables, winter citrus,  some squashes and specialty items. The market is set up in the Old Court House parking lot in Old Town Auburn.   We found beautiful broccoli from Salle Orchards in Wheatland, fresh halibut out of Bodega Bay from The Little Fish Company (the crab looked great too!), Swiss chard and collard greens from Vue Farms, crimini mushrooms by Mushroom Adventures in Marysville, plenty of great sausage and kielbasa from Smokey Ridge Charcuterie in Apple Hill, eggs from The Natural Trading Company in Newcastle, and Pine Mountain coffee located right in Auburn. As a coffee fanatic I am excited to brew it and see if it rivals Peet’s!

Shitake's from Mushroom Adventures

Crab from The Little Fish Company

After returning home it was time for lunch so we fried up the kielbasa.  As great as the kielbasa was the apple sausage we cooked for dinner was even better.  Hands down some of the best sausage I have ever tried.  Loved the ingredients too: Pork Shoulder, Smokey Ridge Apples, onion, apple cider, sea salt, brandy, spices, and garlic.


Mom and Dad both agree that Lolo’s first Farmers Market excursion was a smashing success.  We are also sure we will revisit some of these ingredients and farms in future posts!  Have any favorite recipes that come to mind from any of the ingredients we picked up today?  If so share them, we would love to try them!

Lolo’s Dad


9 thoughts on “Foothill Farmers’ Market

    • Hi Matt, thanks for reading and your comment! We will definitely be taking Lolo to Apple Hill this season, we love it there! I have not tried the Pine Mountain coffee yet. It is patiently waiting for us in the freezer. I’ll be brewing it soon though, look for a future post 🙂

      • I was never a coffee fan until recently, when I tried something other than Sanka, haha. A friend gave us some Yankee Doodle coffee, which isn’t local, but still good. Ever since then I’ve been a fan of “good” coffee. Looking forward to the coffee post. 🙂

  1. Hi there, thanks for visiting! I am looking forward to Lolo’s future adventures. Such a cutie…We also have a great Farmer’s Market here in Vancouver USA…but alas…it is only open during the spring and summer. Looking forward to the April 1st opening here…lots of early good stuff…broccoli, brussels, lettuces, peas! As a true Pacific Northwesterner…so glad you’ve discovered coffee…we thrive on it up here!

    • Thanks, we think she’s pretty cute too 🙂 We are really lucky here to have access to farmers markets year round. However you’re in one of the most beautiful regions in the world so I won’t feel that bad 😉 Enjoy the opening there!

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